Indian Business Visa

Indian Business Visa


  • We ONLY accept applicants who reside in the State of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota.

Requirements for US Citizens

  1. US valid/signed passport in good condition with at least two blank visa pages (Note: pages 22, 23, 24 are NOT visa pages) Need Rush Passport Services? Click Here
  2. One visa application form signed and printed, completely filled out informing purpose of the trip. (Caution: Typographical errors will result in the application being rejected)
  3. A completed additional particulars form
  4. Two recent 2in X 2in passport type photo
  5. A copy of round-trip plane ticket/electronic ticket or reservation
  6. A clear photocopy of Driver’s License as proof of residence in the Consulate area of jurisdiction, which is Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota.
  7. Application Fees (Pay by check, money order payable to Master Visa Service or Credit Card *3% Fee*)
  8. Visa Type Consulate Fee MVS Fee Total
    1 Year Multiple Entry $185.00 $69.00 $254.00
    5 Year Multiple Entry $265.00 $69.00 $334.00

    5 year visas require details about future planned trips.

  9. A business letter of responsibility is required, to be typewritten on your company letterhead and addressed to: Indian Consulate General, Visa Section.
    The letter must state the following:

    • The nature of the business performed
    • The name and address of the business reference to be visited
    • The duration of intended stay in India
    • Must contain statement requesting visa validity required
    • Guarantee of financial support for the visit
    • Guarantee return transportation to the USA.
    • The business letter should be signed by a company officer other than the applicant.
  10. A letter of invitation from the sponsoring organization in India, typed on the organization’s letterhead and stating all of the following:
    • The nature of the applicant’s business
    • The duration of stay in India
    • Statement requesting visa validity required
    • Places and organizations to be visited in India
    • Guarantee of financial support for the visit.
  11. Letter of Incorportation from the host company in India in addition to the other letter of invitation above.
  12. Either a self addressed stamped envelope to return the visa to you or $25 for FedEx return of visa.

Applications and other forms

Click here to complete the visa application form

Click here to complete the additional particulars form.

Click here to download the Master Visa Service order form
This file is a Word file that can be opened with Microsoft Word. A PDF File is also available.

Mailing address

Send your documents to:
Master Visa Service
230 South Clark St. Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60604

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card payment is accepted with a 3% charge of your total order.

Visa Hints

  • We only accept applicants who reside in the State of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota.Click here for Indian Consulate Jurisdictions
  • We suggest that you send all your documents using UPS, FedEx, US Post Office Express Mail or US Post Office Priority mail with Delivery Confirmation. Please DO NOT use US Post Office Certified Mail since it will take 10-15 days to deliver.
  • If you have chosen to use US Post Office Regular mail or Priority Mail without Confirmation to send OR return your passport, we are not responsible for delays, lost mail and lost Passports.
  • Please note that all fees are non-refundable once we have successfully submitted your documents
  • The Consulate determines the validity of all visas and length of stay allowed
  • Consulate processing time is at least 5-7 business days