Lost/Damaged US Passport

Lost/Damaged US Passport


  • LOST a valid U.S. passport or damaged (Grease, water, photo problems…)


  1. Photocopy of your the front and back of your drivers license or your State ID
  2. One (1) Application Form DS-11 (Create using form U.S. Department website)
  3. One (1) Application Form DS-64
  4. Proof of U.S. Citizenship (Original or certified copy of your Birth certificate, naturalization certificate, consular report or birth abroad of a U.S. Citizen. or U.S. Citizen adoption decree).
  5. Two (2) recent identical COLOR photos (2″ x 2″)
  6. Copy of your flight itinerary (single page only) (Airline tickets letter from Cruises or Travel agency with confirmation of travel (proof/urgent processing) must be included
  7. Two (2) checks or money orders, ONE for $170.00 payable to”U.S. Department of State” and $25.00 payable to the Post Office.
  8. Two (2) Letters of Authorization completed and SIGNED
  9. MVS Passport Service Order Form (click here)
  10. After you have completed all the above items you MUST appear in person at the U.S. Post Office for OathandSignature.
  11. Include with the application two (2) Letters of Authorization. ***All the items will be placed inside an envelope and sealed by the acceptance Agent at he Post Office Please ask to MARK “to be opened by Passport personnel Agent ONLY”.
  12. *Important: Request your envelope back.
  13. ***Final process, Attach one of the letters of authorization and MVS Passport Service Order Form (click here) outside the sealed envelope.

Applications and other forms

U.S. Application Form DS-11

U.S. Application Form DS-64

Letter of Authorization (click here) (print 2 letters)

MVS Passport Service Order Form (click here)

Mailing address

Send your documents to:
Master Visa Service
230 South Clark St. Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60604

Master Visa Service Fee

Processing Time Service Fee
24 Hours $149.00 + Government Fee
3 – 5 Business Days $89.00 + Government Fee
5 – 10 Business Days $59.00 + Government Fee

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card payment is accepted with a 3% charge of your total order.

Visa Hints

  • We suggest that you send all your documents using UPS, FedEx, US Post Office Express Mail or US Post Office Priority mail with Delivery Confirmation. Please DO NOT use US Post Office Certified Mail since it will take 10-15 days to deliver.
  • If you have chosen to use US Post Office Regular mail or Priority Mail without Confirmation to send OR return your passport, we are not responsible for delays, lost mail and lost Passports.
  • Please note that all fees are non-refundable once we have successfully submitted your documents